COMING — Experience quaint and quiet glamping at the DOWN HOME FARM, where nature and agriculture harmoniously unite

Down Home Farm
Down Home Farm

A quaint and quiet retreat in Manitoba, Canada

The DOWN HOME FARM shares 30 acres of rich, riparian woodland alongside bountiful grain fields and a meandering prairie river. It's private, it's peaceful, and we're working on sharing it with you.

A unique, secluded and off-grid experience

Down Home Farm Glamping Manitoba
Down Home Farm Glamping Manitoba
Down Home Farm Glamping Manitoba

A special way of life we're working on sharing with you

The DOWN HOME FARM has been a dream of ours for many years. Since we started producing crops on it in the 1960s, our family has referred to the property as The Dauphinais Farm, after the family that pioneered the land.

The farmhouse and outbuildings have since been taken down, but the original farmyard and woodland alongside the river is the site of the DOWN HOME FARM project.

In 2023, we took our first steps toward bringing our dream to fruition. We're grateful for any current and future interest in the project while we strive to make our dream a reality.


Where things move at a slower pace

Imagine waking up in your own unique space, a place so secluded you won't be able to see your neighbours, and all you'll hear are the sweet sounds of songbirds, the prairie wind and the burbling river. Depending on the season, you may also observe our family sowing, swathing or harvesting crops on the adjacent fields.

just off the beaten path

Working towards our dream

We envision a quaint, quiet glamping experience for our guests. A unique, secluded and off-grid experience. The DOWN HOME FARM is a special way of life — just off the beaten path, where nature and agriculture harmoniously unite.

We want to share our DOWN HOME FARM with you. It's in a community that we love deeply, where we were born and raised, and where we continue to farm.

You'll get away from the busy demands of life to the DOWN HOME FARM, where we'll get to know you by name and treat you like family.

As a starting point, we have an incredible vintage Airstream we call our Sweet Caroline, a 1978 31-foot Sovereign Land Yacht Travel Trailer that we're making even sweeter over the winter. Following the remodelling project, we have more unique accommodation ideas in mind.

We're so excited about our ideas. We hope you are too.

Bryan & Faye

Sweet Caroline Vintage Airstream
Down Home Farm